Episodes (13)

Episode 1 4:45

Donna & Paul

North meets South with Donna and Paul, two housing officers covering the North East and South regions respectively. Here, they compare experiences from the various communities they cater to.

Episode 2 5:17

Peter & Karen

Peter and Karen are both Accent residents, and both have been through twisting, turning journeys to finally get to live under the same roof as their long-term partners.

Episode 3 5:19

Zelda & Simon

Zelda and Simon’s stories are roads well travelled for Accent. Going from one unstable living situation to another, before finally finding stability, in their secure Accent home.

Episode 4 7:41

Rebecca & Zain

Two Accent Housing Officers sit down to discuss what it means to do their job. Busy days with lots of variety, and always being prepared to provide that additional support when it's needed.

Episode 5 4:50

Aeva & Tawarna

Aeva, Tawana and their young children have been from pillar to post in their hunt for stable living. As soon as Accent came into the equation, things changed, and finally things are looking up.

Episode 6 5:34

Sandrine & Jean

Sandrine is a tenancy support officer, and Jean is an Accent resident – together, they paint a picture of what support from Accent looks like, and the surprising lengths they go to week in, week out.

Episode 7 4:38

Fiona & Fran

Fiona and Fran compare notes on their experiences as Bradfordian Accent residents, explaining how Accent stepped into their lives to help them sort out what they didn’t think they could sort themselves.

Episode 8 4:07

Gemma & Kate

Accent resident Kate shares her experiences with Gemma, an income recovery officer who helped transform Kate's life. A heartwarming story that perfectly epitomises everything we stand for at Accent.

Episode 9 4:26

Toyah & Mark

Mark and Toyah are housing officers, and have been for a while now, sharing stories of residents they have encountered, and how tirelessly they worked to better their living situations.

Episode 10 5:59

Claire & Peter

A moving exchange between Peter, a resident, who after a dispute with his private landlord has found security and stability in his new home with Accent, and Claire, our Executive Director of Customer Experience.

Episode 11 7:50

Gemma and Amanda

Gemma and Amanda are Accent residents at completely different stages of life, but with very similar concerns – wanting to keep their families safe, united and looked after.

Episode 12 5:12

Jo & Roy

Jo is a housing officer, and Roy is an income recovery officer – but neither of their jobs are exactly what they seem.

Episode 13 4:33

Richard & Susan

Susanne has only just be come an Accent resident, while Richard has been with us for over 25 years. Both came to us with completely different expectations of what working with a housing association would be like.

We are Accent.

We exist to improve lives, providing people with high quality homes, affordably. We want to help you onto the housing ladder, and we want to keep you there, providing support and customer service for both you and your community along the way. With these guiding principles, we help you realise your aspirations for better living. We want to help you on your life’s journey, in whichever way we can.

This isn’t really a new way of thinking for Accent, though. “So Far” is a project that arose from that exact fact. Through a series of raw, honest conversations that our staff and customers have been on both before, and after they joined Accent, we realised that we have always been with you for your journey. All that has changed over the years is the “you” we are with.

The tales told in “So Far” are equal parts uplifting and inspiring, showing everything we are capable of with a roof over our heads. Stories like these are the reason we get up in the morning, benefiting the very people whose lives we exist to improve in any way we can.